Adwords Adrank Check-list

Adwords Adrank Check-list

Check-list for making sure all Adwords Adverts are as optimised as possible.

Use this check-list after you have created your basic search network only campaign. This will help catch things you may have missed.

Horses mouth resource for beginners:

1 Different Add types

Do you have ads both specific for mobile and and desktop? yes/no

Tip: Add call extensions to your mobile targeted ads.

Ad Extensions

Use Ad extensions to add more information to your ads to make them more useful, and more relevent to customers needs. There's many different types of ad extensions, see examples of how to use them next in the check-list.

Quick tip: Save time, ad extensions can be set at the campaign level, so
take advantage of this for general site extensions. Be more specific at the ad group level to help make your call extensions more relevant to the ads within your ad groups.

2 Call extensions

Do each of your ad groups have call extensions?


3 Site Link extensions

Do you have them?

yes / no

Example 1: Say your advertising gold bracelets, relevant site links to add to this advert may be links to the ‘gold’ items section on your website, a related category such as charms and pendants to attach to bracelets and if you have one, a gallery of your gold bracelets. All these site links are helpful, and relevant to the potential customer who has indicated they are interested in ‘Gold Bracelets’.

Example 2: Say your advertising rooms for rent near a specific point of interest, like a university. Your target customers want to find accommodation near their point of interest. They may search for “Accommodation near ”. Your target URL within your ad should be set to the direct link to what the person is looking for. Your site link extensions should provide supplementary links for example accommodation in the surrounding area which may also be relevant to them.

4 Call extensions

For your mobile targeted ads, have you set-up call extensions?


Are you tracking call conversions using a Google Forwarding number?


Is there a schedule set for your call extension?


Save money: There’s no point paying for call extensions when you're out the office! Make sure that your call extensions are set to only be active when you can actually take calls.

5 Call out Extensions

Example: An ad group for a specific city with regional offers you could add
specific 'call out' special offer extensions specific to that area.

Remember, you can set call extensions to expire by setting a schedule to them so
you don't have to worry about keeping track of expired offers.

6 Have a plan.

Do you have a list of all your clients unique selling points?

yes / no

Do you know your clients monthly/weekly offers?

yes / no

Are they implemented into the above check-list?

yes / no

Items to add to check-list
  • Landing page optimisation
  • Ad group, Advert and Keyword relevance
  • Keyword bid
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