Better payment systems around the world

Better payment systems around the world

Without fees.

Unified Payments Interface - Wikipedia
It exists in India via UPI I think. s
It's proving extremely successful so far, and has been viewed as one of the best financial inventions over there. src
Yeah, UPI is extremely convenient and useful and doesn't charge anything super happy to have it. src
I was blown away when I went back to see that pretty much everyone could accept payments via cellphone... the lady that sold veggies from a cart in front of my parents house had a QR code which my mom used to pay... and here I am, in the US, where most businesses around me can't even (or don't want to) figure out how to install mobile or tap to pay hardware in their business. src

Here in Brazil we have Pix, which are like bank transfers, but instant and without any costs. Most businesses and people are adopting it very fast.
We can charge via QR codes (which hasn't been used a lot) or we can register our emails, phone numbers and IDs as keys, or even generate a random key. src
Pix (electronic payment system) - Wikipedia

This sounds similar to Switzerland's Twint. It's soo convenient. Even park meters have a qr code on them and you can pay by phone. No coins needed, such win. src

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