Can You Get Internet Without a Phone Line?

Yes you can, but do your research and make sure you know what you're asking. Do you mean without a phone package? Or genuinely without a physical line? Both are possible, without a phone package or without a call feature. However ADSL and Fibre internet currently *requires* a phone number, it's simply how the technology works. The alternative is 3/4G broadband, but that's usually not as dependable compared to a fixed connection and typically have low data caps. Finally, there's wireless point-to-point broadband which is generally more expensive but available right now in some areas and provides a better overall experience than slow ADSL and have higher data caps than 3/4G.

It's just confusion for consumers because they think that because you're paying something called "line rental" people confuse this with needing a phone package.

Do you mean internet without a phone line or package?

Internet without a phone line or phone package

Because of how internet connections currently work in the UK (ADSL, ADSL2+, and Fibre) these connection types all require a "ring" signal as part of their authentication process. Don't confuse this with a telephone service per say, you will always be charged for the rental of the wire. It's just confusion for consumers because they think that because you're paying something called line rental you're automatically conflating this with needing a phone package.

If you're confused or angry about having to pay line rental, or needing a line; understand this is the cost communication providers all pay for the use of the line, it's little to do with calling. In short, you need a line in order to get traditional broadband.

UK consumers seem to be very confused by this, it's undoubtedly a consequence of home users no longer needing a phone line because their mobile phone has taken its place.

Some very confused searches we see include:

"I'm looking for broadband only but everywhere wants to force you to have a landline"

"Broadband without line rental"

"Is broadband only the same as line rental?"

"Is it possible to have unlimited broadband without a landline?"

"broadband without line rental"

All these queries demonstrate the sheer confusion out there. Having spoken to many customers about this, usually, it's a simple misunderstanding about how an internet connection works, and the need for a wire (dumbfounding but true). It's very rare that a customer genuinely doesn't want (or already has) a telephone wire to their house.

What we offer at Karma Computing is a clear broadband package with no phone package, we simply block all calls on the line. We also offer a solution where we deliver internet wirelessly to your roof which is genuinely broadband without a line. But again, are you sure you need this?

Hope that helps clear up some of the apparent confusion about this.

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