Deploy Human Capital not 'apps'

Deploy Human Capital not 'apps'

There is very little left which we cannot automate: tax, processes, predictions, article writing...  most processes humans do, for the most part, can be automated if they are repetitive.

We've known this for a long time. We simply ignore it, like the frog in the cool water gradually upping the heat until the inevitable.

The opportunity for humanity is positive. The magic of the washing machine has taught us to not be fearful of new things. There will be pain, there will be joblessness. What we need is humanity to step in, not away at that point. The three day, x day, work-when-you-want week reality is not going away. In a world where joblessness is a fact of life, not directly because of your life choices, but simply the economics has fundamentally changed. The "not enough jobs" fear factor sets in. This is not new either- when New York economists were asked to look to the future, they were in despair too: "New York will be lost under horse dung because there will be far too many horse and cart to get anywhere- it will be terrible" they said. We will be having similar lacks of imagination today.

Like the invention of the washing machine, which gave "more time for parents to read to their children", automation continues to give more time to all of us. The irony of course is how we loose that time in doom scrolling, inside our own heads digitally ("Meta") rather than outside, with people. The infamous "On the internet, we're all alone together".

What the world needs now, really is love- it's the things that computers cannot do; form relationships, or have a sense of purpose within a team. These things are untouchable, slow moving and not subject to the fast paced world of technology.

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