How to search backwards on tmux

Photo by Greg Lloyd 1969, Photo of Hypertext Editing System (HES) console at Brown University, circa October 1969.
Terminals have a *long* history: IBM 2250 Model 4, included a light pen and programmed function keyboard
tmux logo, three terminal panes with the word "tmux" to the right
tmux search terminal history

How to search backwards/upwards on tmux.

To enable tmux scroll back history press:

Ctrl + b and then [.

That's the Control key, and b , let go, and then press [ (the left square bracket).
You'll then be able to scroll backward/forward. But how do you search?

Hint: To go back and undo what you've done press q.

How to search tmux history

After pressing Ctrl + b then [.

To search, press Ctrl + s this will bring up the default (search down) behaviour:

The (search down) will appear at the bottom of your current tmux pane.

How to search up tmux history (search backwards)

After pressing  Ctrl + b then [.

To search backwards, press Ctrl + r , and now you can search up instead of down.

Tmux (search up)
Hint: To keep iterating through search matches, press n to go to the 'next' match.

See also "search copy mode" by Dennis Williamson on Stackoverflow

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