The colours used

Deliverable one: Document with the exact colours used

E.g. The brand colours used in this logo are:

Red: #FF0000
Blue: #00FF00

Deliverable two: Logo in a vector format, ideally SVG


Must include the logo in SVG format:


Why? Because then can be scaled to any size in the future.

Deliverable three: logo in PNG format with transparency, where relevant.

logo.png with transparency

Deliverable four: Examples of the logo being used in light and dark background contexts

Show the logo being used in both a light and a dark background scenario. Understand this might require more than one colour variation of the logo (if this is a suprise, you have not finished the design process).

Why? You want to avoid at every possibility a client self editing their own logo. Deliver to them a collection of logo formats which are suitable in both scenarios and go further to attach examples of the logo being used in those different contexts (light and dark).