UK Gigabit Voucher Scheme For Business

UK Gigabit Voucher Scheme For Business

The UK Government is to Launch its £67m Gigabit Voucher Scheme for SME’s which you can claim via Karma Computing.

The Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme (GBVS) has been launched nationwide for investment in broadband projects, with vouchers being granted for projects ranging between £500-£3000. That’s right, the government can help fund your investment in full fibre broadband dependant on if you meet the eligibility criteria. The £67M scheme is intended to support investment in ‘full fibre’ broadband for SME’s across the UK. Up to £3000 can be awarded to your business (SME) or £500 to residents to assist with the cost of connecting to ‘full fibre’ broadband, which is widely considered as the ‘gold standard’ of broadband.

The GBVS was established to build on £200m Local Full Fibre Network programme, with the aim of stimulating commercial investment in ‘gigabit capable’ broadband across the country. The scheme is envisioned to help the government achieve their commitment to make ‘full fibre’ broadband available to 10 million homes and businesses by 2022. Alongside this, the ‘Universal Service Obligation’ is being introduced in 2020, granting a clear enforceable right to request high speed broadband. The new voucher scheme has begun trails in four urban areas across the UK, with already 1000 vouchers being issued to SMEs like yours.

Floyd Widener, Hyperoptic’s Chief Sales Officer, said:

“We fully support the formation of a National Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme. Hyperoptic will absolutely be joining the programme. We have already had great success with local schemes – we are the leading provider in the Connect Westminster Scheme via number of vouchers issued. Gigabit connectivity revolutionises the way a business can operate and allowing residents to become part of the scheme will expedite the deployment of full fibre networks to even more of the UK.

We are convinced that strategic application of Connection Voucher Schemes that encourage businesses and residents to opt for full fibre not only helps encourage and facilitate the rollout of full fibre more than large projects of simply putting fibre in the ground, it also supports the output of our digital economy.”

Does my business qualify for the Gigabit Voucher Scheme?

To qualify for the voucher, SMEs must satisfy the following requirements.

  • Less than 250 employees
  • Turnover up to €50m per annum
  • Balance sheet of up to €43m
  • Must have received less than €200k in public grants within the last 3 years

Vouchers can only be used to support the cost of eligible connections; suppliers can award the voucher to both new and existing customers. The voucher will be available for various technologies, including fibre leased lines and wireless leased lines, however the new connection must have a minimum speed of 100Mbps.

Gigabit internet access can provide countless benefits to your business, find out today if you are wanting to take advantage of this voucher scheme contact Karma Computing right away.

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