What is Naked Broadband?

What is Naked Broadband?
What is Naked Broadband?

Naked Broadband (and naked DSL) is a term used to describe Fibre-to-the-Cabinet (FTTC) broadband without a needing to have a telephone service. So it's genuinely broadband without a phone service. Trials for it have been ongoing by BTOpenreach since 2014, the official name is 'Single-Order FTTC'.

For more information about on Naked FTTC, check out ISPreviews 2014 article about BT Openreach Moot Naked FTTC Superfast Broadband Without Phone.

Where can I get Naked Broadband?

At the time of writing, you still need to pay for the Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) for ADSL broadband. This is known as 'line rental' and is charged to all communication providers (CPs) like Karma Computing in order to deliver broadband to you.

We offer broadband without a phone package, and will be offering Single-Order-FTTC as soon as your wholesalers allow it. With the package, no outbound calls can be made as the line is set-up to only allow broadband; please understand line rental is still part of the service we provide (you still need a physical wire).

If for whatever reason you're wanting entirely wireless broadband with no line to your house, we also offer a wireless broadband solution without a phone line which puts a tiny receiver on your roof to receive super-fast internet over a radio link. This is truly broadband without a phone line!

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