What to do when you've deleted files and need someone to recover it

This is general advice, it's not correct for every scenario.

This assumes you've not just deleted a file and it's in your recycle bin.. :)

It assumes some technical assistance is required to perform the recovery, and this is advice on how to proceed to make it easier for the technician to help you.

Note: There is no magic bullet to get data back. Backups are a good idea!

Step one

As soon as possible:

  • Stop using the computer. Turn it off, hold just hold down power off until it turns off.

Continuing to use the computer can actually result in the deleted files being harder to recover.

Step two - Details

How did this happen?
Being as detailed as possible will help here- dates/times/names of files.

  • What events happened up to the deletion?
  • Was it deleted or did the file just stop working?
    What file
  • Do you have an older version of the file?

Remain specific, include everything even if you think it's not important. If the device was dropped or a spillage occurred make sure this is included.

Step three - Give it to a technician

The IT company will usually gladly take it from there. The more information provided the better.

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