Will broadband work without phone line?

Will broadband work without phone line?

The short answer is no your broadband will not work without a phone line. However, what people usually mean when they ask this question is "Can I get broadband without a phone package?". The answer to that question is yes.

How do I get broadband without a phone line package?

It's simple just find a provider which offers broadband without a phone package (we are one such provider). Don't get confused between line rental and thinking that is to do with phone calls.

Line rental is what every communications provider has to pay Openreach for the maintenance of the wire network to your house. Line rental has nothing to do with making phone calls, it's purley what everyone must pay to get a wire to your door. You still need a wire going to your property in order to receive broadband!

Unless of course, you're talking about broadband which is delivered via a point to point wireless link. Although most people don't know about this technology, so usually it's just confusion over what line rental is for.

Needless to say you can get broadband without a phone line package, you still need the line of course, but find a provider who will offer you broadband without an included call package.

Use our broadband availability checker to find out what's already available at your property.

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